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Xindao Precise Mould Co., Ltd
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Parts Manufacturing
Parts & Components Manufacturing——Pay attention on details.
As a professional manufacturer of injection mold and parts for over 11 years, Xindao Mould has been fully capable of providing highly- quality parts and components for plastic molds and die-casting tools, with our experienced teams, advanced facilities and outstanding quality control system. We appreciate the opportunity to work for you and your growing business with our expertise and skills. We are here for you with following services:
1. Core & Cavity insert manufacturing
2. Custom Slide & Lifter manufacturing
3. Other Custom Parts & Components manufacturing

Our standard process:
Step 1
To make sure the final, delivered parts or components are perfectly produced, our Design & Engineering Team will inspect and analyze your parts drawings before production. Our engineers will analyze your project / products for every details such as parting line, draft angle, thin steel area, undercut, waterline interference etc. Proposals for every problem will be offered to you for discussion till all problems are solved. Nothing will hinder our high quality and timely delivery.

Step 2 Once all factors have passed the tests and meet with all requirements, our engineers will mark each surface of the parts with specific colors according to its different functions and point out the specific type of the threads. Such as molding surfaces, PL, kiss-off , shut off, etc. Our Project Management Team will arrange the production as soon as we get your final confirmation and approval.

Step 3 Our years of manufacturing experience, talented teams and advanced facilities allow Xindao Mould to provide the suitable and best solution for specific requirements. Our fully experienced engineers will choose the most cost effective and efficient processing combination of the CNC machinery, EDM, WCUT, and other facilities to reduce the cost and assure the timely delivery.

Step 4 Xindao will give you highly personal attention backed with outstanding customer services and understanding of your cares. Our Project Management Team will dedicate to your project at every stage and offer Certified Material Test Report, Heat Treatment Report and Dimensional Inspection Report for you as reference. And in order to keep you informed and updated, our project managers will submit weekly progress reports by e-mail for you to track the production schedule. All of work from material purchasing, machining, assembling, testing have to be monitored by QC.

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All of our resources and services are just for one goal, to provide you with consistent high quality, quick turn around and cost savings products.

Feel free to contact us, let Xindao molds your concepts into products!
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