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Xindao Precise Mould Co., Ltd
:1st floor,Building A,Fuda Industrial park
Linpokeng,107 National Road,Shajing Town, Bao`an District, Shenzhen, China
Tel :(0086)0755-81761156
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About us

XinDao Precise Mould Co., Ltd is a professional, export-oriented manufacturer of injection moulds and custom parts, serving for the automotive, appliance, electronics, household products, etc industries. As a family owned and operated enterprise, XD Mould  has built its reputation by high-quality products, outstanding services, on-time delivery and competitive prices.
Many successful companies have begun in a garage, such is the way XD Mould began with 5 employees.  Liu Liangyuan, the founder of XD Mould, started his own business in 2009, after working as project manager & chief engineer in several big companies in Shenzhen. With nearly 30 years of engineering experience, Liu totally understands customer's cares & needs and know-how in the injection mould industry. To do our job
perfectly and gain better satisfaction, Liu dedicates to every  project at XD Mould, giving our customers  highly personal attention. Just like what he said " Nothing is too small to care about." 
With the effort of Liu and his team, XD Mould extended its business into the current 21 000 square-foot air-conditioned facility with over 50 employees, in the 6 years that followed.
Our highly skilled senior technical staff account for 60% of all employees so that our customers can work directly with a group of knowledgeable and experienced specialists.
At present, XD Mould is fully capable of developing the best, innovative mould solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations, with our most advanced equipments, software packages and talented employees.
Since 2009, XD Mould has been widely acknowledged by our customers all around the world, especially our parts & components services which covers our 60% yearly sales amount. Working with XD Mould, our expertise & experience and so many cost saving consideratons in China will give you huge price advantages and help you retain competitive edges. Choosing XD Mould, our high-quality, cost-effective, quickly delivery products will allow you to focus on your busy business and win your work with less cost and shorter time. Contact us today, let us save your time and money right now.



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