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Xindao Precise Mould Co., Ltd
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Mould manufacturing
Mould Manufacturing ——If you want quality parts, quality molds go first.

Mould & Product Design

Whether you have some initial design drawings, a picture of the product, or just a simple concept in your head, Xindao Mould can take your product from idea to reality.

Our Design & Engineering Team is here for you with following services:

1) According to your initial product conceptualization and requirements, our experienced engineers will generate 3D models of your parts with the state of the art Solid Modeling software systems.
2) Reverse Engineering
3) DFM (Design for Manufacturing) process. Feasibility Analysis Report will be offered prior to mould design.
4) Mould Flow Analysis
5) With our advanced software solutions, Xindao Mould can produce highly detailed computer-aided design and manufacturing drawings, dimension, tolerance each mould and document every details. An engineering report including 2D drawings and 3D models will be created for the customers as reference.
Mould Building   

After getting customer’s approval, our Production Department will utilize CNC machinery, EDM, and related precision facilities to build high precision moulds.

Xindao Mould’s Engineering Team will dedicate to your project at every stage from design to delivery. Our project managers will update project’s information to keep everyone involved on the same page and send Weekly Progress Report to keep the customers informed.

We consistently use the high-standard steel material and mould bases to meet your high-quality expectations. The CMTR (Certified Material Test Report), Heat Treatment Report and a complete set of Mould Parts Inspection Report will all be offered.
Mould Testing   

When the mould building is completed, our Quality Control Department will conduct mould test and provide the customer test samples for final confirmation. Every mould testing, we will offer test parameter table and then create checking report within 3 days. Once the sample is confirmed, we will arrange the shipment immediately.
If you already have a mould design ready for production, Xindao Mould will inspect your design, analyze and suggest improvements for better precise mould development. We will propose the best approach for mould manufacturing to assure that it will exceed your expectations, and fit within your budget & time constraints.

Feel free to contact us, let Xindao moulds your concepts into products!
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